making connections in research

I started thinking about my dislike of “text-to-self” reading exercises in elementary school. I always felt like my kids naturally experienced text-to-self without needing more concentrated effort. I wished that the teacher spent more time with text-to-world. Children don’t really need a push to think about themselves. Then I started thinking about all the recentContinue reading “making connections in research”

Art does not begin and end in the studio

Just as research is not limited to the library, the creation of art is not limited to the studio. This is, perhaps, easier for students to understand. They know that art making can take many forms; can be digital or not; time based or not; conceptual or not. What is harder for many students toContinue reading “Art does not begin and end in the studio”

Weak ties in the classroom

Mark Granovetter studied the strength of weak social ties in 1973. Weak social ties are those relationships that are not central to your life, but still essential and important. I contend that classroom interactions are an example of the strength of those weak ties. Teacher/student relationships are rarely deep. Though students are often affected byContinue reading “Weak ties in the classroom”

Research does not begin and end in the library

I just finished reading an article in the most recent Art Documentation. The authors talk about the many and varied sources of information that artists use in their practice. It is a mistake for librarians to ever believe otherwise. I think it is a mistake to believe any researcher stops at proquest or ebsco andContinue reading “Research does not begin and end in the library”