Why am I even writing this blog

I am interested in how online teachers build rapport in classrooms, but it is more than that. I have worked in art schools a long time and I have seen how new artists are made. There is an embodied practice in the studio. Students learn to become artists by working with their instructors. Through collaborationContinue reading “Why am I even writing this blog”


There are so many ways of getting help to students. We speak of many options in the learning center world: tutoring, embedded tutoring, writing facilitation, supplemental instruction, and academic navigators or coaches. There are probably even more models of instructional support. It can be useful to know how these models address different needs and institutions.Continue reading “Facilitating/Navigating/Tutoring”

What is embedded support?

We can put learner support in the way of the student by embedding directly in the LMS those supports as necessary. Embedded tutors and embedded librarians are not uncommon. Less common, but perhaps necessary, are embedded advisors, embedded counselors, and perhaps even financial aid officers. Why is this beneficial? First, the support staff needs toContinue reading “What is embedded support?”

Discussing discussion

Interaction in discussion boards provides variable engagement in the online classroom. Too many rules tied to the grading rubrics encourage students to limit their interactions to what is required. Not enough structure in the prompt discourages students from responding at all. To facilitate cognitive presence, the discussion prompt and expectations should be very clear. Ideally,Continue reading “Discussing discussion”