Why am I even writing this blog

I am interested in how online teachers build rapport in classrooms, but it is more than that. I have worked in art schools a long time and I have seen how new artists are made. There is an embodied practice in the studio. Students learn to become artists by working with their instructors. Through collaboration and modeling behavior, instructors cultivate their students and help them develop their own studio practice.

This practice is missing in online education. And yet we grow new artists all the time. The information sharing that is visible and palpable in person, is distant and isolated online. My research is around the information sharing practices of online art educators.

There is much research into information practices of artists and of art students. I have found theories that speak to me. The community of practice and the community of inquiry are both frameworks that seem sensible to me.

So that is why I am writing about education and information and online students and artists. Somehow I am trying to make sense of this and I hope I will learn as I go.

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